Social responsibility policy covers the environment, purchasing, personnel, occupational safety and communications.


GAMA Healthcare Ltd. follows the principle of sustainable development. GAMA Healthcare assumes responsibility for the environment by minimising the harmful effects of the Company’s operation and by ensuring appropriate management of the generated waste; observes and studies the state of the environment and takes immediate corrective action when required. GAMA Healthcare maintains the employees’ competence and expertise on environmental issues at a high level. GAMA Healthcare aspires to act in an appropriate manner in the management of environmental issues.


The purchased products and services shall meet the quality and environmental requirements specified by GAMA Healthcare. The availability of products and services critical to the operation of the Company is ensured by means of long-term agreements based on mutual trust and partnership.
The selection criteria for suppliers emphasise the continuity of the supplier’s operation, their delivery reliability, management of quality and environmental issues as well as competitiveness. Domestic and local suppliers are favoured. The suppliers are reviewed and the quality of the deliveries is monitored; immediate corrective action is taken if required.
GAMA Healthcare will ensure that competition is fair and based upon the quality, value and integrity of the products and services. This relates to the signing off of both our tender bids and documents and our responses to tendered and opportunities to bid from other organisations.


GAMA Healthcare ensures that the personnel perform work tasks in a responsible manner, displaying motivation, competence and commitment to observing procedures that have been agreed on.
GAMA Healthcare ensures that the personnel resources of the Company are sufficient to achieve the objectives set for the Company. The availability of competent professional staff is ensured by a competitive pay scale that encourages effective performance of work, good daily practices and achievement of long-term objectives.
The principles of the human resources policy are implemented in good cooperation with the personnel.
GAMA Healthcare ‘s objective is a work community based on equality, where no discrimination is allowed and where the achievement of equality is promoted. All employees are offered equal opportunities for professional and career development regardless of their sex or age.
GAMA Healthcare provides opportunities to the personnel to maintain and develop their working ability.

Occupational Safety

The objective of the Company’s occupational safety efforts is to promote health and occupational safety in compliance with the zero-accident philosophy.
GAMA Healthcare maintains a good work place atmosphere and working conditions. The Company does not approve of discrimination, harassment or bullying in the work place. The occupational safety objective of everybody working in the plant area is to look after their own safety and the safety of their colleagues. Occupational safety is considered in all operations.


GAMA Healthcare regularly communicates information about company events and information relating to the manufacturing facilities that the company uses. This is done so in an open manner to promote public knowledge about these facilities.
The company acts as a good corporate citizen. Internal communications ensure that the personnel are swiftly informed about any special events that may influence the operation of the Company, and are always aware of the Company’s policies and decisions including financial and production matters.