Responsibly made in China

GAMA Healthcare has been working closely with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers for over 10 years. As such GAMA has a very close bond with China and its people and as such ensures that every individual associated with GAMA is respected and has the opportunity to work and learn in a safe, clean and sustainable environment.

Investing in people

In 2006, when GAMA Healthcare first started manufacturing in China, the entire process was overseen by a Manufacturing Assistant, Andy Lam. Initially, Andy worked out of a small office in Foshan overseeing the operations of several factories. 11 years on, Andy is the General Manager of GAMA China and is responsible for over 40 staff across two provinces in China from our state-of-the-art 5,200 square foot office.

GAMA Healthcare has invested in people and actively supports local economies. One third of our company’s workforce are Chinese, living in China and we are committed to providing a safe and happy environment for them to work in. They are provided with excellent facilities and opportunities to learn, go on educational courses and grow within the GAMA organisation.

Ensuring quality

All our partner companies conform to ISO 9001, GMP and ISO 13485 as appropriate to ensure effective quality procedures are in place and regulatory requirements are met. Our team of local and international auditors regularly visit to ensure our quality, environmental and social standards are enforced. Since 2013 we have increased our comprehensive in-person audits by 50%, performing over 150 last year. When we find noncompliance we partner with our suppliers and work onsite to drive change.

Every supplier that does business with GAMA must demonstrate the highest commitment to protecting workers’ rights and have ethical hiring practices.

Safe and healthy

GAMA Healthcare insists on clean and safe working conditions for all workers responsible for manufacturing any of our products. When our auditors discovered that the heat and humidity was excessive in one of our partner factories we quickly worked with them to install air conditioning, making it one of the most popular factories in the region for transitory workers.

The environment

GAMA Healthcare is committed to protecting the environment and minimising the environmental impact of our activities. Our planet has a finite amount of precious resources and GAMA is doing its part to conserve them. All our manufacturing partners conform to REACH and WEEE waste management regulations and source from environmental registered companies (where appropriate). Where possible we use recycled or environmentally friendly material in our packaging and wipes. We actively promote flow wrap packaging over tubs and buckets as they generate less waste and pollutants.

It’s a constant process of effort to make GAMA products and manufacturing safer for people and the planet.