Research & Development

Our experts are permanently engaged in developing new antimicrobial products as well as improving products currently used in the healthcare industry.

GAMA Healthcare has an active Research and Development Department. By recognising problems that hospitals face and investing in new research, GAMA Healthcare continually strives to improve infection control practices by finding solutions to help reduce the incidence of healthcare associated infections.

Adrian Fellows

Head of Research & Development

Qualifying in microbiology and chemistry from Leeds University in 1972, Adrian is a world renowned expert in the fields of biocide formulations and impregnated non-wovens (wipes).

Creating the first consumer disinfectant wipes in the 1970s, he is also the original creator of wipes that gained EPA approval in the USA, wipes that gained a product licence and other innovations in biocides for the food, dairy and healthcare industries. This extensive background combined with GAMA Healthcare’s intimate knowledge of the healthcare sector, has enabled him to develop breakthrough products such as our Clinell Universal Range and Clinell Sporicidal Wipes.