Violet Room Sanitiser

clinically proven.
only adds minutes to your
terminal clean protocol


cost effective

UV room disinfection

quick, efficient & safe
Violet room sanitiser is the most cost effective ultraviolet device on the market.
It is the ideal choice for terminal cleaning after patient discharge.

Clinically proven
Greater than 99.99% reduction in C. difficile spores and MRSA.

Light weight, durable and easy to move
Only weighs 40kg allowing for easy movement around the hospital. The unit has undergone extensive testing to ensure toughness and durability.

Simple and easy to operate
The intuitive touch screen operating system makes set up and operation easy, quick and efficient. The onboard computer retains and downloads room disinfection data.

Powerful 1.6m leading lamp technology
Uses four 1.6m maximum output polymer-encapsulated UV lamps which are 7 times more powerful than competing lamps. The aluminium reflector mast has been designed for optimum UV-C energy distribution.

Used in over 100 top US hospitals
Violet room sanitiser utilises UVDI technology, the trusted leader in ultraviolet disinfection with over 60 years heritage.

Safe to use
Four infrared motion sensors prevent operation if movement is detected within the room. In addition the remote control has an operating range of approximately 50 feet (even through walls).


Single Unit

193cm x 91.4cm