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The Clinell Training Package is the most comprehensive educational guide to environmental cleaning that has been compiled for healthcare professionals. Developed in conjunction with some of the leading Infection Prevention Specialists in the UK, this state of the art Training Package is designed to teach the importance and outline best practice in regards to environmental cleaning. Delivered primarily on a tablet device with specially developed games, videos and crib sheets to make learning interactive and interesting. The training package also keeps score of how well staff and wards are performing, giving infection control departments valuable feedback on how training is progressing.

Simple instructions allow a single player, a small group of players or a trainer to go through the core principles of environmental cleaning, with the option of getting detailed information and scientific references on the various topics at a click of a button.

Five fun and engaging games help to emphasise the key learning points and provide a scoring system to measure understanding and improvement. Games include: how to clean - swipe game, scenarios - top 5 solutions, identifying high touch points, UV torch training and a quiz.

Videos and step-by-step diagrams clearly illustrate the best cleaning practices to reduce microorganisms on key items often found in healthcare settings. A video and diagram has been created for all Clinell cleaning and disinfecting products.

Scores from the games, time spent on each page and the number of uses for each person, ward and hospital within your Trust will allow Infection Control to identify areas that may require further training as well as monitor improvements.


The revolutionary, interactive Clinell Training Package is preloaded onto the latest 10" touch screen, Android tablet which is included in the pack. This enables you to access all of the games, content and videos straight from the box, without any complicated loading requirements or logins.

2. UV Torch kit

The Clinell Training Package includes an Ultra Violet Torch Kit which consists of a powerful 28 led ultra violet torch, two non-permanent, ultra violet, water soluble marker pens and 25g of ultra violet powder. This kit will enable healthcare professionals to better understand the importance of high touch surfaces as well as the importance of microbial transference in a clinical setting.

3. Training DOCUMENTS

In addition, the Clinell Training Package comes complete with 12 laminated step-by-step diagrams, a certificate, two high touch sheets, an overview sheet, five scenarios and five quiz sheets which can be photocopied for use by larger groups, so that everyone can experience the game based training.

4. References and validation documents

The latest healthcare studies, references and recommendations underline the importance and need for good environmental cleaning to help reduce HCAIs. These have been collated and together they form the science behind the Clinell Training Package.

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