Innovative, effective tool
to environmental cleaning,
for training & education



cleaning techniques

includes fluorescent pens,
a torch, and powder

Fluorescent marker is a better tool than ATP in determining how thoroughly a surface is wiped and mimics the microbiological data better than ATP*.

The use of a fluorescent marker system in ICU resulted in 40% more surfaces being cleaned**.

EvaluClean fluorescent marker pens
& UV Torch

Our fluorescent gel has been rigorously tested to ensure it remains wipeable from all non-porous hospital surfaces. The ultra-strong 28-LED UV torch provides excellent mark visibility.


The unique Clinell EvaluClean software system, delivered on a tablet, is completely customisable. Select the equipment and surfaces you wish to monitor from the existing database, or add new ones with the tablet camera. Choose whether to audit the room or specific items.


Use the fluorescent pens to mark equipment and surfaces and then record their location with the touch of a screen. Set reminders when to check the mark and use the torch to assess whether the invisible fluorescent gel has been cleaned away. Quickly and easily use the app to record the efficiency of the cleaning.


Instantly view live reports, analyse by hospital, ward, room type or item.


* Rutala, Gergen, Sickbert-Bennett, Huslage, Weber. Comparison of Four Methods to Assess Cleanliness. APIC Presentation, June 2013. http://isinfectionandsterilization.org/files/2012/12/NewTechAPIC13.ppt

** Carling PC, Parry MF, Bruno-Murtha LA, Dick B. Improving environmental hygiene in 27 intensive care units to decrease multidrug-resistant bacterial transmission. Crit Care Med. 2010 Apr;38(4):1054-9

Choose which equipment you wish to monitor from the extensive list of pre-loaded items, or add your own items. Specify the ?????type of clean????? and whether to audit a specific room or item. Select a length of time before you are reminded to check the area or choose immediately.

Tap on the illustration where you have marked the item. If the item you have chosen isn?????t in our database then simply take a photograph and mark the image.

Shine the UV torch onto the area highlighted on the illustration. If the mark has gone then the item has been effectively cleaned, if not then more training may be required.

The ability to instantly monitor hospital wide trends, compare performance against set benchmarks and generate bespoke, attractive and easy to understand reports.




Single Unit

14 x 23 x 6cm