May 2015

GAMA Healthcare have decided to start a blog. The idea is that it becomes a forum for education and discussion. We will be posting blogs about the latest developments in the literature surrounding infection prevention and control. Our interests are around environmental, patient and hand hygiene, education of patients and staff, how we can best deploy new technology, and the economics of healthcare-associated infection. So, you can expect the content to reflect these interests.

We are keen for this to be a conversation and not a lecture, so please submit any comments that you may have and let’s get some discussion going!

Core List Dry Wipes

May 2015

The Department of Health and NHS Supply Chain have formed a partnership to harness the significant purchasing power of the NHS. By refining the number of similar products available, the NHS can buy more products from a single supplier. Due to economies of scale, the supplier can reduce the unit price and provide better value to the end user. This Core List of products has already generated £423,000 of savings on Desk Top Stationery in the first two months.

GAMA Healthcare have successfully been awarded the position of sole supplier for the Core List of Dry Wipes. Carell Patient Dry Wipes are suitable for all patient and environmental use, they are available in a variety of weights and blends from great value everyday wipes through to heavy duty maceratable wipes, you are sure to find the perfect combination of cost, comfort and durability. They are ideal for all over body cleansing and are also suitable for sensitive skin. Perfect for everyday and heavy-duty cleaning tasks, they are strong enough to be used wet or dry, even on heavy soiling. They are also extremely absorbent, making them ideal for soaking up spills and fluid excess. Made from a variety of recycled and biodegradable materials – helping you to care for your patient and the environment. The Carell Core List Dry Wipes come in five variations and are great value multi-purpose wipes for all your needs.

Converting to Core List Dry Wipes can save your Trust at least 16% on your current spend. For example a 2000 bed trust can potentially save over £19,000 whilst a 500 bed trust can save over £7,000, depending on usage and wipe choice. For procurement professionals it provides a straight forward solution to reducing everyday costs on a core item and potentially make more money available for frontline services.

For more information on the full range please go to www.carell.co.uk/dry_wipes/.