Clinell Hand Wipe dispensers

October 2013

Patient hand hygiene represents the next big step in infection prevention (Landers, 2012)


Patient hand hygiene is a critical aspect of HCAI prevention(Landers, 2012. Burnett, 2009). Pathogenic organisms can be frequently detected on hands of acute care patients (Istenes, 2013). It has been proven that after 7 days in a hospital, 62% of all patients were positive for enterococcal hand contamination (Banfield, 2007) and 39% of patients have at least one hospital-associated pathogen on their hands within 48 hours of admission (Istenes, 2011). Patients are rarely provided with the opportunity to clean their hands (Landers, 2012. Burnett, 2009).

Clinell Antibacterial Hand Wipes provide patients with the ability to clean and disinfect hands. The patented formula kills 99.999% of germs, and can even be used in visibly dirty conditions, without the need for soap and water, unlike alcohol gels (Kampf, 2004. Kramer, 2002).

Clinell’s unique wall mounted, hand wipe dispenser is hygienic and easily accessible, which increases compliance and effective wipe usage by conveniently providing wipes where they are most used.

Clinell Hand Wipe dispensers deliver convenient patient hand hygiene where they are most needed.