Lanyard study

July 2012

A recent study from Newcastle Upon Tyne hospital has highlighted the problem of microorganism colonisation on hospital badges and neck lanyards within the theatre environment. It was found that 25% of badges and lanyards were colonised with potential pathogens associated with Healthcare Associated Infections.

After the introduction of Clinell Universal Wipes there was a 100% reduction in all pathogens identified such as Klebsiella, MRSA and Acinetobacter. Clinell wipes were successful in reducing colony forming units of flora by 72%. This is a fantastic result and once again highlights the effectiveness of our Universal Wipes.


July 2012

Clorox Wipes

Clinell have teamed up with Clorox, the leading Chlorine Wipe specialists in America. Clinell Clorox is a ready to use one-step, 5200ppm chlorine wipes for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and equipment. Proven to reduce Clostridium Difficile infection by 85%. Containing a unique odour-masking, anti-corrosion and long lasting formula.